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tumid swollen or enlarged, as a part or organ. [3 definitions]
tummler an entertainer or social director who encourages participation by guests or audience. [2 definitions]
tummy (informal) the abdomen or stomach.
tumor an abnormal mass of diseased tissue that arises from normal tissue in the body and serves no physiological purpose. [2 definitions]
tumpline a strap passed around the forehead or shoulders to help support a pack carried on the back.
tumult the noise and commotion of a large crowd; uproar. [3 definitions]
tumultuous full of noise, commotion, or disorder; riotous. [2 definitions]
tumulus an artificial mound, as over an ancient grave site; barrow.
tun a large container or cask for storing liquids such as wine. [3 definitions]
tuna1 any of various large sea fishes, including the bonito and the albacore, often caught for food by commercial fishermen. [2 definitions]
tuna2 any of various tropical cacti, including some species of prickly pears, that bear a sweet red fruit. [2 definitions]
tunable able to be tuned.
tundra one of the huge, treeless plains in the arctic regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. [2 definitions]
tune a sequence of agreeable musical tones; a melody. [12 definitions]
tuneful full of melody or tune. [2 definitions]
tune in to adjust (a radio or television) so it receives signals from a certain station, or to select (a certain station or program) on a radio or television. [2 definitions]
tuneless unmusical; unmelodious. [2 definitions]
tune out (informal) to dissociate from or ignore one's situation.
tuner one who tunes musical instruments. [2 definitions]
tunesmith (informal) a composer of popular music.
tune-up a general adjustment to put all parts, as of an engine, in good working order. [2 definitions]