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tune up to adjust (one or more musical instruments) to accurate or proper musical pitch. [2 definitions]
tung oil a fast-drying oil derived from the seeds of the tung tree and used in paints, varnishes, and the like.
tungsten a chemical element that has seventy-four protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a gray metal solid with an extremely high melting point, used esp. in heat-resistant alloys and to make filaments for high-powered electric lamps; wolfram. (symbol: W)
tungsten lamp an electric lamp with a tungsten filament or filaments that uses very low wattage.
tungsten steel an alloy of steel and tungsten, having great hardness and high resistance to heat.
tung tree any of several Asian trees whose seeds yield tung oil.
tunic a loose-fitting, knee-length outer garment, often without sleeves and sometimes belted, worn esp. by the ancient Greeks and Romans. [4 definitions]
tunicate any of several marine chordates, such as sea squirts, having a saclike body enclosed in a thick membrane or tunic. [3 definitions]
tuning fork a small two-pronged metal device that when struck produces a tone in perfect pitch, used to tune musical instruments, test hearing, and the like.
Tunis the seaport capital of Tunisia. [2 definitions]
Tunisia a North African country on the Mediterranean Sea east of Algeria.
tunnage tonnage.
tunnel an underground or underwater passageway, as for a railroad through a mountain or for a road under a river or city. [6 definitions]
tunnel disease see "aeroembolism." [2 definitions]
tunnel vision an abnormal condition in which one loses peripheral vision. [2 definitions]
tupelo any of several sour gum trees of swampy areas in the southern United States. [2 definitions]
Tupi a member of any of several Indian peoples resident in various river valleys of Brazil, esp. the Amazon. [2 definitions]
tuppence see "twopence."
tuque in Canada, a knitted winter cap resembling a stocking cap of double thickness.
turban a head covering worn esp. by Muslim men, consisting of a long piece of cloth wrapped several times around the head. [3 definitions]
turbellarian belonging to a class of mostly aquatic flatworms that have cilia on the surface of the body. [2 definitions]