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turnstone any of several small migratory shorebirds that turn over stones to search for food.
turntable the round, flat, rotating plate that holds the record on a record player or phonograph. [3 definitions]
turn the tables on to reverse an existing situation in order to gain superiority over (the opposition).
turn the tide to reverse or change significantly the course of events, tendency of opinion, or the like.
turn thumbs down to reject a proposal, plan, or the like.
turn turtle to capsize in such a way that the boat is upside down in the water; overturn.
turnup something turned up or able to be turned up. [2 definitions]
turn up to increase the power, volume, temperature, or brightness of (something), as by turning a dial. [3 definitions]
turn-up (chiefly British) the bottom of a trouser leg that is turned up or folded back onto itself; cuff.
turnverein a club of gymnasts.
turpentine a sticky mixture of oil and resin derived from certain pines and other related trees. [4 definitions]
turpitude moral baseness; depravity.
turquoise an opaque blue or bluish green mineral containing copper and aluminum, often cut and polished for use as a gemstone. [3 definitions]
turret a small, usu. circular tower on a larger building such as a castle. [3 definitions]
turtle any of numerous aquatic or terrestrial reptiles that have a soft body enclosed in a hard shell, into which head, legs, and tail may be retracted. [2 definitions]
turtledove any of various small or medium-sized doves, esp. a European one that makes a soft cooing sound. [2 definitions]
turtlehead any of several perennial North American plants that bear white or pink flowers.
turtleneck a high, snug, turned-over collar, as on pullover sweaters and the like. [2 definitions]
Tuscarora a member of a tribe of North American Indians formerly living in North Carolina, and later in upstate New York, and that belong to the Six Nations. [2 definitions]
tush1 a tusk, or an especially large tooth.
tush2 (slang) the buttocks.