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turtle any of numerous aquatic or terrestrial reptiles that have a soft body enclosed in a hard shell, into which head, legs, and tail may be retracted. [2 definitions]
turtledove any of various small or medium-sized doves, esp. a European one that makes a soft cooing sound. [2 definitions]
turtlehead any of several perennial North American plants that bear white or pink flowers.
turtleneck a high, snug, turned-over collar, as on pullover sweaters and the like. [2 definitions]
Tuscarora a member of a tribe of North American Indians formerly living in North Carolina, and later in upstate New York, and that belong to the Six Nations. [2 definitions]
tush1 a tusk, or an especially large tooth.
tush2 (slang) the buttocks.
tusk a long, large, pointed tooth, usu. one of a pair, that sticks out from the area of the mouth in certain animals such as the elephant, wild boar, and walrus and is used for digging food and in fighting. [3 definitions]
tussah an Asian silkworm that produces a coarse brownish or yellowish silk. [2 definitions]
tussle to fight or struggle roughly or energetically; scuffle. [3 definitions]
tussock a clump, tuft, or bunch of growing grass, sedge, or the like.
tussock moth any of several moths, such as the gypsy moth, whose larvae are hairy caterpillars that are often destructive to trees.
tut used to express irritation, impatience, reproach, or the like.
Tutankhamen an Egyptian king of the eighteenth dynasty (fourteenth century B.C.).
tutee one who is being tutored.
tutelage the act or function of a tutor or teacher; instruction; teaching. [2 definitions]
tutelary being or acting as a protector or guardian. [3 definitions]
tutor a person who gives private instruction, sometimes remedial, to a single student or several students. [6 definitions]
tutorial of, pertaining to, or exercised by a tutor or tutors. [2 definitions]
tutti to be played by all performers (used as a musical direction). [3 definitions]
tutti-frutti a confection such as ice cream that contains various chopped, candied fruits. [2 definitions]