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twilit suffused in the soft light of twilight.
twill a fabric woven in a pattern of diagonal lines. [3 definitions]
twilled woven as or in a twill, so as to have parallel diagonal ribs.
twin either of two offspring born of the same pregnancy. [7 definitions]
twin bed either of a matching pair of single beds.
twin bill in baseball, a doubleheader.
twine sturdy string that is made by twisting two or more strands together. [9 definitions]
twin-engine powered by two engines, as an airplane.
twinge a sudden sharp pain of short duration. [4 definitions]
twinight of a baseball doubleheader, beginning in the late afternoon so that the second game begins in the evening under lights.
twinkle to shine with an intermittent or flickering light, as a star. [6 definitions]
twinkling the act or an instance of shining intermittently or briefly. [2 definitions]
twin set a set of a matched cardigan and pullover sweater for women, intended to be worn together.
twirl to cause to spin or revolve quickly; rotate. [6 definitions]
twirp variant of twerp.
twist to bend or turn (a single thing) in opposite directions so that parts of this same thing are turned away from each other. [19 definitions]
twist drill a drill bit with deep spiral grooves along the shank to carry out chips.
twisted perversely abnormal or exceptionally heartless.
twister a person or thing that twists. [2 definitions]
twist (someone's) arm to use strong persuasion or force to induce some action.
twit1 to taunt or tease, esp. in an unkind or malicious way. [2 definitions]