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udder a large mammary organ with two or more glands, each with its own nipple, as in a cow or goat.
udon thick Japanese noodles made from wheat flour, salt, and water.
UFO abbreviation of "unidentified flying object."
ufology the study of photographs and reports of unidentified flying objects, esp. considered as spacecraft from other planets.
Uganda an East African country between Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
ugh used to express disgust, horror, aversion, or the like.
uglify to make ugly.
ugly having an unpleasant appearance; unattractive; unsightly. [4 definitions]
ugly duckling a person or thing that at first seems unattractive or unpromising, but later becomes beautiful or admirable.
Ugrian denoting or pertaining to an ethnic group that includes the Magyars and certain peoples of Siberia. [3 definitions]
Ugric a branch of the Finno-Ugric languages that includes Hungarian. [2 definitions]
uh used to show hesitation or uncertainty, often unintentionally, as in collecting one's thoughts.
UHF abbreviation of "ultrahigh frequency," any radio frequency between three hundred and three thousand megahertz.
uh-huh used to indicate a positive or affirmative response, or to show that one is paying attention.
uh-oh used to express a sudden knowledge or apprehension that something bad is about to happen.
uh-uh used to indicate a negative response.
U-joint variant of universal joint.
UK abbreviation of "United Kingdom," a northwestern European country between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, comprising Great Britain and Northern Ireland; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (usu. prec. by, "the").
ukase in imperial Russia, a proclamation of the czar that was legally binding. [2 definitions]
Ukraine an East European country bordered primarily by Poland, Russia, and the Black Sea.
Ukrainian of or pertaining to Ukraine or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]