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unawarded combined form of awarded.
unaware not aware or realizing. [2 definitions]
unawares by surprise or unexpectedly. [2 definitions]
unawesome combined form of awesome.
unbacked without backing or support, esp. financial. [3 definitions]
unbalance to upset the balance or equilibrium of. [3 definitions]
unbalanced out of proper balance. [3 definitions]
unbaptized combined form of baptized.
unbar to remove the bars from; open or unbolt.
unbarbed combined form of barbed.
unbarricaded combined form of barricaded.
unbearable impossible to bear or endure; intolerable.
unbeatable impossible to defeat, overcome, or surpass.
unbeaten undefeated or unsurpassed. [2 definitions]
unbecoming not attractive or suitable on a particular person, as apparel. [2 definitions]
unbefitting combined form of befitting.
unbeholden combined form of beholden.
unbeknown not known, perceived, or realized (usu. fol. by "to").
unbelief lack of belief; doubt or disbelief, esp. of religious tenets and doctrines.
unbelievable very hard to believe; extremely unlikely or beyond any reasonable expectation.
unbeliever a person who does not believe; skeptic; doubter. [2 definitions]