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unbearable impossible to bear or endure; intolerable.
unbeatable impossible to defeat, overcome, or surpass.
unbeaten undefeated or unsurpassed. [2 definitions]
unbecoming not attractive or suitable on a particular person, as apparel. [2 definitions]
unbefitting combined form of befitting.
unbeholden combined form of beholden.
unbeknown not known, perceived, or realized (usu. fol. by "to").
unbelief lack of belief; doubt or disbelief, esp. of religious tenets and doctrines.
unbelievable very hard to believe; extremely unlikely or beyond any reasonable expectation.
unbeliever a person who does not believe; skeptic; doubter. [2 definitions]
unbelieving not believing; doubting; incredulous.
unbelligerent combined form of belligerent.
unbeloved combined form of beloved.
unbemused combined form of bemused.
unbend to relax or remove the tension in or from (something bent, stretched taut, or the like); straighten; loosen. [3 definitions]
unbendable combined form of bendable.
unbending rigid or strict. [3 definitions]
unbiased without bias, prejudice, or partiality.
unbidden not commanded, invited, or called for; spontaneous; involuntary.
unbind to remove the binding or bonds from; unwrap, loosen, or unfasten. [2 definitions]
unbitten combined form of bitten.