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uncanonical combined form of canonical.
uncap to remove a cap or covering from.
uncapitalized combined form of capitalized.
uncaptioned combined form of captioned.
uncared-for not cared for; neglected.
uncaring combined form of caring.
uncarpeted combined form of carpeted.
uncastrated combined form of castrated.
uncataloged combined form of cataloged.
uncatchy combined form of catchy.
uncaught combined form of caught.
unceasing without pause or respite; continuous.
uncensored combined form of censored.
uncensorious combined form of censorious.
uncensured combined form of censured.
unceremonious without normal courtesy or consideration; abrupt or rude. [2 definitions]
unceremoniously in a manner that is lacking in normal courtesy or consideration.
uncertain not known with certainty; indefinite or vague. [3 definitions]
uncertainty the condition or quality of being uncertain. [2 definitions]
uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics, the principle that two related quantities cannot be measured simultaneously and exactly; indeterminacy principle.
uncertified combined form of certified.