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uncatchy combined form of catchy.
uncaught combined form of caught.
unceasing without pause or respite; continuous.
uncensored combined form of censored.
uncensorious combined form of censorious.
uncensured combined form of censured.
unceremonious without normal courtesy or consideration; abrupt or rude. [2 definitions]
unceremoniously in a manner that is lacking in normal courtesy or consideration.
uncertain not known with certainty; indefinite or vague. [3 definitions]
uncertainty the condition or quality of being uncertain. [2 definitions]
uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics, the principle that two related quantities cannot be measured simultaneously and exactly; indeterminacy principle.
uncertified combined form of certified.
unchallenged combined form of challenged.
unchallenging combined form of challenging.
unchangeable not able to be changed or altered; immutable.
unchanged combined form of changed.
unchanging remaining ever the same; unvarying.
unchanneled combined form of channeled.
unchaperoned combined form of chaperoned.
uncharacteristic combined form of characteristic.
uncharismatic combined form of charismatic.