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unchallenged combined form of challenged.
unchallenging combined form of challenging.
unchangeable not able to be changed or altered; immutable.
unchanged combined form of changed.
unchanging remaining ever the same; unvarying.
unchanneled combined form of channeled.
unchaperoned not having an accompanying person who is there for one's protection or surveillance; not accompanied by a chaperone.
uncharacteristic not typical of a particular person, group, or thing, and therefore notable; not characteristic.
uncharismatic combined form of charismatic.
uncharitable lacking charity, generosity, or kindness; severe; unforgiving.
uncharming combined form of charming.
uncharted not recorded on any map or chart; unexplored or unknown, as some geographical area or field of research.
unchartered not officially authorized by a legal charter.
unchaste impure or immodest, esp. in sexual conduct; not chaste.
unchauvinistic combined form of chauvinistic.
unchecked combined form of checked.
unchewable combined form of chewable.
unchewed combined form of chewed.
unchic combined form of chic.
unchildlike combined form of childlike.
unchlorinated combined form of chlorinated.