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uncleaned combined form of cleaned.
uncleanly1 not clean or cleanly.
uncleanly2 in an unclean manner.
unclear combined form of clear.
unclench to open from a clenched position; relax.
Uncle Sam a personification of the government or people of the United States as a tall thin man with a beard, wearing a top hat and red-and-white-striped trousers. [2 definitions]
Uncle Tom the title character in Uncle Tom's Cabin, a mid-nineteenth century novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Uncle Tom is a black slave whose religious beliefs move him to forgive his oppressors. [2 definitions]
uncliched combined form of cliched.
uncloak to take a cloak or covering from. [2 definitions]
unclog to remove a clog or obstruction from; unblock; clear.
unclose to open or open up, esp. so as to disclose something previously concealed.
unclothe to remove the clothes or covering from; lay bare; strip.
uncloying combined form of cloying.
uncoated combined form of coated.
uncoating combined form of coating.
uncoded combined form of coded.
uncodified combined form of codified.
uncoerced combined form of coerced.
uncoercive combined form of coercive.
uncoercively combined form of coercively.
uncoil to straighten out from a coiled position; unwind.