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undeformed combined form of deformed.
undelegated combined form of delegated.
undeleterious not harmful; non-injurious.
undeliverable combined form of deliverable.
undelivered combined form of delivered.
undeluded combined form of deluded.
undemanding combined form of demanding.
undemocratic combined form of democratic.
undemonstrative not tending to show one's feelings, affection, or the like; reserved.
undeniable impossible to deny or dispute; irrefutable. [2 definitions]
undenominational combined form of denominational.
undependable combined form of dependable.
under beneath; below. [19 definitions]
under- below; beneath. [3 definitions]
underachieve of a student, to perform below one's capacity, esp. as indicated by intelligence or aptitude tests.
underact to perform (a role) in a weak or overly restrained manner. [2 definitions]
underage1 of a person, below a usu. legally prescribed age, as for drinking alcoholic beverages or for military service.
underage2 the amount by which something is less than required or prescribed; deficiency.
underappreciated not valued to the degree that something or someone deserves.
underarm of, pertaining to, in, or used in the armpit. [4 definitions]
underbelly the underside of an animal, esp. the lower abdomen. [2 definitions]