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underline to draw a line under (something written) so as to draw attention to or mark for italicizing. [3 definitions]
underling a subordinate, esp. one in an insignificant position.
underlining the act of putting a line under; underscoring. [3 definitions]
underlying lying under or below. [4 definitions]
undermine to weaken the foundations of. [2 definitions]
undermost furthest down; lowest, esp. in rank.
underneath below or beneath, esp. directly under. [7 definitions]
under no circumstances in no instance; never.
undernourish to give insufficient food or sustenance to.
under oath bound by oath to tell the truth or fulfill a promise.
under one's belt made part of one's permanent knowledge or experience; mastered; completed.
under one's thumb controlled or heavily influenced by someone.
under one's wing under one's care or protection.
underpants pants worn under other clothing, usu. as underwear.
underpart the lower part of an animal's body, a vehicle, or the like. [2 definitions]
underpass a passage or roadway that goes beneath a street, track, overpass, or the like.
underpay to pay (someone) less than the usual rate or than he or she deserves.
underpin to support from below, as with girders or props. [2 definitions]
underpinning a structural support or foundation, as for a wall. [2 definitions]
underplay to perform (a theatrical role) with subtlety and restraint. [3 definitions]
underprivileged not having the privileges and opportunities available to other members of society; disadvantaged.