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underbody the underpart of the body of a person or animal; underbelly. [2 definitions]
underbrush small shrubs, trees, and other plants growing beneath taller trees, as in a forest.
underbuy to buy at less than the actual value. [3 definitions]
undercapitalize to provide or secure too little capital for (a business enterprise).
undercarriage a structure or framework providing support under a conveyance such as an automobile. [2 definitions]
undercharge to charge less than the stated, customary, or proper price. [4 definitions]
underclass the socioeconomic class of people at the lowest income level, usu. below the subsistence level.
underclassman a freshman or sophomore student in a high school or college.
underclothes clothing worn next to the skin, under other garments; underwear.
undercoat the short hairs growing close to an animal's skin, covered by longer hair or fur. [3 definitions]
undercoating a coat of sealer applied to the underside of an automobile to protect it from rust.
undercover carried out or happening in secret. [2 definitions]
under cover hidden or covert; in secrecy.
undercurrent a feeling, tendency, mood, attitude, or the like that underlies and often contradicts surface appearances. [2 definitions]
undercut to cut or cut away under or beneath, usu. so as to create an overhang. [6 definitions]
underdevelop to develop (something) to less than the required or desirable degree.
underdeveloped not fully developed; immature, stunted, or deficient. [2 definitions]
underdo to do less than is needed or wanted.
underdog a contestant who is expected to lose, as in sports or politics. [2 definitions]
underdone inadequately cooked, as meat.
underdressed too informally dressed for the occasion.