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undersea pertaining to, located, carried on, or intended for use beneath the surface of the sea; underwater. [2 definitions]
undersecretary an immediate subordinate of a government official designated as a secretary.
undersell to sell at lower prices than (a competitor or the standard price). [2 definitions]
undersexed having a lower than normal sexual drive or desire.
undershirt a collarless and often sleeveless undergarment worn next to the skin on the upper body.
undershoot to shoot or launch a missile so that it falls short of (a target). [3 definitions]
undershorts short pants worn next to the skin by men and boys; drawers; shorts.
undershot projecting from underneath, as a lower jaw protruding beyond an upper jaw. [3 definitions]
underside the under or lower side or surface; bottom.
undersign to sign one's name at the bottom of (a letter or document).
undersigned having signed at the end of a document, letter, or the like. [3 definitions]
undersized smaller than normal, required, or allowed.
underskirt a skirt, such as a petticoat, worn under another skirt, as in order to provide added shape and body.
underslung supported or suspended from above, as a vehicle chassis from the axles.
understaffed having too few workers.
understand to perceive the meaning, nature, or significance of. [9 definitions]
understandable able to be understood; comprehensible. [2 definitions]
understanding the intellectual process of getting the meaning of something; comprehension. [9 definitions]
understate to state or represent incompletely or too conservatively. [2 definitions]
understood past tense and past participle of understand. [3 definitions]
understudy to learn the role or function of so as to be able to substitute for (usu. an actor in a play). [3 definitions]