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underwear a garment or garments worn next to the skin under other clothing; underclothes.
underweight a condition of lacking sufficient or normal weight. [2 definitions]
underwent past tense of undergo.
underworld the criminal class of society. [3 definitions]
underwrite to assume financial responsibility or assure financial support for. [8 definitions]
underwriter one who underwrites insurance policies, or one who determines premiums, analyzes risks, and the like. [2 definitions]
undescribable combined form of describable.
undeserved combined form of deserved.
undeserving combined form of deserving.
undesignated combined form of designated.
undesirable not wanted or liked; unattractive, unfavorable, or objectionable. [2 definitions]
undesired combined form of desired.
undetected combined form of detected.
undetermined not specified, identified, decided, or enumerated.
undeterred combined form of deterred.
undeveloped combined form of developed.
undiagnosable combined form of diagnosable.
undiagnosed combined form of diagnosed.
undialectical combined form of dialectical.
undid the past tense of "undo."
undidactic combined form of didactic.