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undisturbed combined form of disturbed.
undivided combined form of divided.
undo to release, unfasten, or unwrap (a button from a buttonhole, a catch or lock, string tied around a package, or the like). [3 definitions]
undoable not able to be done; impossible.
undocile combined form of docile.
undoctored combined form of doctored.
undoctrinaire combined form of doctrinaire.
undocumented not accompanied by supporting evidence or verifying information. [2 definitions]
undoing the act of releasing, unfastening, loosening, or unwrapping. [3 definitions]
undomestic combined form of domestic.
undomesticated combined form of domesticated.
undone1 not accomplished or finished; uncompleted.
undone2 past participle of undo. [4 definitions]
undotted combined form of dotted.
undoubtable combined form of doubtable.
undoubted not subject to doubt or question; undisputed or certain.
undoubting combined form of doubting.
undrained combined form of drained.
undramatic combined form of dramatic
undramatized combined form of dramatized.
undraw to draw open or aside, as a drape. [2 definitions]