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unfancy combined form of fancy.
unfashionable not fashionable; not of the currently popular style or way of doing things.
unfasten to release from fastenings; untie; undo; separate. [2 definitions]
unfastidious combined form of fastidious.
unfathomable not able to be imagined or comprehended. [2 definitions]
unfavorable likely to have a bad result; inauspicious. [3 definitions]
unfeasible combined form of feasible.
unfeeling lacking physical feeling; insensate; numb. [2 definitions]
unfeigned not pretended or false; genuine; sincere.
unfeminine combined form of feminine.
unfenced combined form of fenced.
unfermented combined form of fermented.
unfertile combined form of fertile.
unfertilized combined form of fertilized.
unfetter to remove fetters from. [2 definitions]
unfilled combined form of filled.
unfinished not finished; incomplete. [3 definitions]
unfired combined form of fired.
unfit not suitable or appropriate for some purpose. [4 definitions]
unfix to unfasten; detach; loosen. [2 definitions]
unflagging not wavering or tiring; steady; persisting.