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unflamboyant combined form of flamboyant.
unflappable not easily made excited or upset, esp. by a sudden crisis.
unflashy combined form of flashy.
unflattering making one feel ashamed or unhappy about oneself, or intended to make one feel so. [2 definitions]
unfledged of a bird, not yet having feathers developed enough for flight. [2 definitions]
unflinching not hesitating or drawing back; resolute; steadfast.
unflyable combined form of flyable.
unfold to open or spread out from a folded condition. [4 definitions]
unfond combined form of fond.
unforced combined form of forced.
unforeseeable combined form of foreseeable.
unforeseen not predicted or expected.
unforested combined form of forested.
unforgettable not easily forgotten; very memorable.
unforgivable combined form of forgivable.
unforgiving unwilling, reluctant, or refusing to forgive. [2 definitions]
unforked combined form of forked.
unformed lacking a definite shape or arrangement; formless. [2 definitions]
unformulated combined form of formulated.
unforthcoming combined form of forthcoming.
unfortified combined form of fortified.