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ungerminated combined form of germinated.
ungifted combined form of gifted.
ungird combined form of gird.
unglamorized combined form of glamorized.
unglamorous combined form of glamorous.
unglazed combined form of glazed.
unglue to separate by or as if by, dissolving glue or another adhesive.
ungodly not conforming to or believing in religion; irreligious. [3 definitions]
ungovernable unable to be governed, ordered, or controlled; uncontrollable.
ungraceful combined form of graceful.
ungracefully combined form of gracefully.
ungracious lacking social manners or graces; discourteous; rude.
ungraded combined form of graded.
ungrammatical not conforming to the conventions and rules of grammar.
ungraspable combined form of graspable.
ungrateful not thankful for or appreciative of benefits or favors received.
ungrouped combined form of grouped.
unguarded not protected or guarded; vulnerable. [2 definitions]
unguent a salve or ointment for wounds or soreness.
unguided combined form of guided.
unguis a nail, claw, or hoof, or a structure that resembles a claw.