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ungracious lacking social manners or graces; discourteous; rude.
ungraded combined form of graded.
ungrammatical not conforming to the conventions and rules of grammar.
ungraspable combined form of graspable.
ungrateful not thankful for or appreciative of benefits or favors received.
ungrouped combined form of grouped.
unguarded not protected or guarded; vulnerable. [2 definitions]
unguent a salve or ointment for wounds or soreness.
unguided combined form of guided.
unguis a nail, claw, or hoof, or a structure that resembles a claw.
ungulate having hoofs. [2 definitions]
unhabitable combined form of habitable
unhackneyed combined form of hackneyed.
unhallowed not made sacred or holy; unconsecrated. [2 definitions]
unhampered combined form of hampered.
unhand to let go one's hold of; take one's hand or hands from.
unhandy not handy; unwieldy; inconvenient. [2 definitions]
unhappy not glad or cheerful; sad; gloomy. [4 definitions]
unharmed not having received any injury.
unharness combined form of harness.
unharvested combined form of harvested.