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ungraspable combined form of graspable.
ungrateful not thankful for or appreciative of benefits or favors received.
ungrouped combined form of grouped.
unguarded not protected or guarded; vulnerable. [2 definitions]
unguent a salve or ointment for wounds or soreness.
unguided combined form of guided.
unguis a nail, claw, or hoof, or a structure that resembles a claw.
ungulate having hoofs. [2 definitions]
unhabitable combined form of habitable
unhackneyed combined form of hackneyed.
unhallowed not made sacred or holy; unconsecrated. [2 definitions]
unhampered combined form of hampered.
unhand to let go one's hold of; take one's hand or hands from.
unhandy not handy; unwieldy; inconvenient. [2 definitions]
unhappy not glad or cheerful; sad; gloomy. [4 definitions]
unharmed not having received any injury.
unharness combined form of harness.
unharvested combined form of harvested.
unhealed combined form of healed.
unhealthful combined form of healthful.
unhealthy in bad health; ill; sickly. [4 definitions]