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unlettered not educated. [3 definitions]
unliberated combined form of liberated.
unlicensed combined form of licensed.
unlikable combined form of likable.
unlike not alike or equal; different; unequal. [3 definitions]
unlikely not likely to be or happen; improbable. [3 definitions]
unlimber to detach (a gun or caisson) from its limber. [3 definitions]
unlimited having no limits or restrictions. [3 definitions]
unlit combined form of lit.
unliterary combined form of literary.
unlivable combined form of livable.
unload to remove the load from. [6 definitions]
unlocalized combined form of localized.
unlock to open the lock of (a door or other closure) by turning a key or mechanism. [4 definitions]
unlooked-for not anticipated; unexpected.
unloose to release from restraint; set loose. [2 definitions]
unloosen to unloose.
unlovable combined form of lovable.
unloved combined form of loved.
unloving combined form of loving.
unlucky marked by or involving ill fortune or bad luck. [2 definitions]