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unmake to reduce to nothing; wipe out or undo. [3 definitions]
unmalicious combined form of malicious.
unmaliciously combined form of maliciously.
unman to deprive of courage, resolution, or other characteristics considered to be masculine. [2 definitions]
unmanageable combined form of manageable.
unmanageably combined form of manageably.
unmanaged combined form of managed.
unmanipulated combined form of manipulated.
unmanly lacking in characteristics considered to be masculine, such as strength, bravery, or courage.
unmanned not having a human pilot or crew, as a spacecraft.
unmannered lacking good manners; coarse or impolite. [2 definitions]
unmannerly having or displaying bad manners; rude or impolite.
unmapped combined form of mapped.
unmarked combined form of marked.
unmarketable combined form of marketable.
unmarred combined form of marred.
unmarried combined form of married.
unmasculine combined form of masculine.
unmask to remove a mask or covering from. [3 definitions]
unmatched combined form of matched.
unmeaning without meaning or significance; meaningless. [2 definitions]