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unorganized lacking organization, system, or integration. [2 definitions]
unoriginal combined form of original.
unornamented combined form of ornamented.
unorthodox deviating from that which is customary, generally approved, or conventional; not orthodox.
unostentatious not overly grandiose or showy; unpretentious; simple.
unostentatiously combined form of ostentatiously.
unowned combined form of owned.
unoxygenated combined form of oxygenated.
unpack to take (something) out of a package, suitcase, or the like. [5 definitions]
unpaged of a printed publication, lacking page numbers.
unpaid not paid.
unpainted combined form of painted.
unpalatable combined form of palatable. [2 definitions]
unparalleled without peer or equal; matchless.
unparasitized combined form of parasitized.
unpardonable combined form of pardonable.
unparliamentary not in keeping with parliamentary procedures and methods.
unpassable combined form of passable.
unpasteurized combined form of pasteurized.
unpastoral combined form of pastoral.
unpatentable combined form of patentable.