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unplausible combined form of plausible.
unplayable combined form of playable.
unpleasant not pleasant; disagreeable or distasteful.
unpleasantness the state or quality of being unpleasant. [2 definitions]
unpleased combined form of pleased.
unpleasing combined form of pleasing.
unplowed combined form of plowed.
unplug to remove a plug or obstruction from. [2 definitions]
unplumbed not measured with or as with a plumb line. [2 definitions]
unpoetic combined form of poetic.
unpoliced combined form of policed.
unpolished combined form of polished.
unpolled not interviewed or sampled for a poll. [2 definitions]
unpolluted combined form of polluted.
unpopular disliked or disapproved of by many people. [2 definitions]
unpractical combined form of practical.
unpracticed not skilled, seasoned, or experienced. [2 definitions]
unprecedented having no precedent; never before observed or experienced.
unpredictability combined form of predictability.
unpredictable not predictable; not able to be known beforehand. [3 definitions]
unpredictably combined form of predictably.