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unpredictability combined form of predictability.
unpredictable not predictable; not able to be known beforehand. [3 definitions]
unpredictably combined form of predictably.
unprejudiced lacking prejudice; impartial, unbiased, or disinterested.
unpremeditated combined form of premeditated.
unprepared not having made plans or preparations. [3 definitions]
unpreparedness combined form of preparedness.
unprepossessing combined form of prepossessing.
unpressured combined form of pressured.
unpressurized combined form of pressurized.
unpretentious not pretentious; not displaying signs of wealth, high rank, or the like; simple; modest; unaffected.
unpretty combined form of pretty.
unprincipled without regard to moral principles, or lacking the usual moral standards or scruples.
unprintable not acceptable for printing or publication, as because of obscenity or other offensive material.
unprivileged combined form of privileged.
unproblematic combined form of problematic.
unprocessed combined form of processed.
unproduced combined form of produced.
unproductive combined form of productive.
unprofessional not in accord with the standards or ethics of a certain profession or activity. [2 definitions]
unprofitable not resulting in any advantage, gain, or profit.