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unpunctuated combined form of punctuated.
unpunished combined form of punished.
unqualified lacking the appropriate knowledge or qualifications. [2 definitions]
unquantifiable combined form of quantifiable.
unquenchable combined form of quenchable.
unquestionable not rightly questioned; indisputable; certain.
unquestioned accepted as true, justified, or valid without consideration of any other possibility; authoritative, undisputed, or undoubted. [2 definitions]
unquestioning feeling or expressing no doubt, question, or objection. [2 definitions]
unquiet characterized by agitation, turbulence, disorder, or unrest. [3 definitions]
unquote I end the quotation (often used orally with the word "quote" to mark the limits of a direct quotation).
unraised combined form of raised.
unranked combined form of ranked.
unravel to undo (something knitted or woven); reduce from cloth to threads; cause to come apart. [3 definitions]
unravished combined form of ravished.
unreachable combined form of reachable.
unreached combined form of reached.
unread not read, as a book. [2 definitions]
unreadable not able to be read, as handwriting; illegible. [3 definitions]
unreadiness combined form of readiness.
unready not prepared for some action or undertaking. [2 definitions]
unreal not real; lacking actuality or substance; illusory. [2 definitions]