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unscented combined form of scented.
unscheduled combined form of scheduled.
unscholarly combined form of scholarly.
unschooled not educated; untaught or untrained. [2 definitions]
unscientific not conforming with scientific principles or procedures. [2 definitions]
unscramble to make orderly again; eliminate confusion from. [2 definitions]
unscreened combined form of screened.
unscrew to remove or loosen the screws of. [3 definitions]
unscriptural combined form of scriptural.
unscrupulous lacking concern for honesty, fairness, or the like; without conscience or scruples.
unseal to break or remove the seal of; unfasten; open. [2 definitions]
unseam to undo to rip apart the seams of.
unsearchable not able to be investigated; mysterious; inscrutable.
unseasonable of the weather, not appropriate for or characteristic of the season. [2 definitions]
unseasoned combined form of seasoned.
unseat to throw or cause to fall from one's seat, esp. from a saddle; unhorse. [2 definitions]
unseaworthy combined form of seaworthy.
unsecured not made secure or tight. [2 definitions]
unseeded combined form of seeded.
unseemly not in accord with accepted social standards; improper; indecorous. [2 definitions]
unseen not seen, observed, or discovered; invisible; unnoticed. [2 definitions]