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unsteady not stable or secure; not firm. [4 definitions]
unsterile combined form of sterile.
unsterilized combined form of sterilized.
unstick to loose or free from being stuck together or to something else.
unstinted combined form of stinted.
unstinting unrestricted in effort or supply.
unstitch combined form of stitch.
unstop to take the stopper out of (a bottle or the like). [2 definitions]
unstoppable not able to be stopped, overcome, or beaten.
unstrained combined form of strained.
unstrap to loosen or release the strap or straps of.
unstratified combined form of stratified.
unstressed not bearing stress; unaccented. [2 definitions]
unstring to take off or loosen the string or strings of. [3 definitions]
unstructured lacking strict regulation or planning.
unstrung past tense and past participle of unstring. [3 definitions]
unstudied appearing natural and unaffected; not self-conscious. [2 definitions]
unstuffy combined form of stuffy.
unstylish combined form of stylish.
unsubdued combined form of subdued.
unsubsidized combined form of subsidized.