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untenanted combined form of tenanted.
untended not cared for; not maintained.
untestable combined form of testable.
untested combined form of tested.
unthankful offering no thanks or gratitude; not grateful. [2 definitions]
untheoretical combined form of theoretical.
unthinkable not imaginable; incredible. [2 definitions]
unthinking lacking consideration; thoughtless. [3 definitions]
unthread to remove thread or threads from. [3 definitions]
unthreatening combined form of threatening.
unthrifty combined form of thrifty.
unthrone to depose from or as from a throne; dethrone or topple.
untidy not neat or orderly. [3 definitions]
untie to free from being tied or bound. [4 definitions]
until up to the time when. [5 definitions]
untillable combined form of tillable.
untilled combined form of tilled.
untimely not occurring at a convenient or appropriate time; poorly timed. [4 definitions]
untiring not easily wearied; tireless. [2 definitions]
unto to (except when to is used in an infinitive). [2 definitions]
untogether combined form of together.