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untrustworthy combined form of trustworthy.
untruth something that is not true; lie; falsehood. [2 definitions]
untruthful contrary to fact; not true; false. [2 definitions]
untuck combined form of tuck.
untufted combined form of tufted.
untutored not formally educated; unschooled.
untwine to separate, unwind, or disentangle. [2 definitions]
untwist to undo the twisted parts of by turning in the other direction; untwine. [2 definitions]
untypical combined form of typical.
untypically combined form of typically.
ununderstandable combined form of understandable.
unusable combined form of usable.
unused not presently in use. [3 definitions]
unusual not usual or ordinary; uncommon; remarkable.
unutilized combined form of utilized.
unutterable not capable of being put into words; inexpressible. [2 definitions]
unvaccinated combined form of vaccinated.
unvaried marked by a lack of diversity; never changing.
unvarnished expressed plainly and without adornment. [2 definitions]
unvarying unchanging; constant.
unveil to remove a veil or other cover from, esp. to display for the first time. [2 definitions]