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unwarranted without justification; undeserved.
unwary unmindful of potential harm or deception; not cautious.
unwavering steady; not moving back and forth or changing positions.
unwaveringly combined form of waveringly.
unweaned combined form of weaned.
unwearable combined form of wearable.
unwearied not weary, tired, or fatigued.
unweathered combined form of weathered.
unwed combined form of wed.
unweighted combined form of weighted.
unwelcome combined form of welcome.
unwell in poor health; sick; ill.
unwept having passed or died without causing sorrow in others; unmourned. [2 definitions]
unwhite combined form of white.
unwholesome harmful to one's physical or emotional health; unhealthy. [3 definitions]
unwieldy difficult to carry, handle, or use because of size, shape, or design; awkward.
unwilled combined form of willed.
unwilling showing reluctance; not willing. [2 definitions]
unwillingness the condition of being unwilling.
unwind to undo from a wound or twisted state; uncoil; untwist. [4 definitions]
unwinnable combined form of winnable.