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upas a Javanese tree of the mulberry family, with whitish bark. [2 definitions]
upbeat (informal) optimistic and cheery. [2 definitions]
upbraid to criticize or reproach severely; reprimand.
upbringing the training and rearing of a child or children.
UPC abbreviation of "Universal Product Code," a series of vertical bars printed on packages of consumer goods that indicates price, type of product, and the like, and that can be read by a computerized scanner. (Cf. bar code.)
upchuck (informal) to vomit.
upcoming expected to appear or take place in the near future.
upcountry of, relating to, or located in the inland part of a country or region. [3 definitions]
update to provide (someone) with new or current information; bring up to date. [4 definitions]
updraft an upward current of air.
upend to set or stand on end. [3 definitions]
up for (informal) eager or willing to engage in something. [4 definitions]
up for grabs (informal) within the potential grasp of anyone; not secured by any one person.
up-front frank; forthcoming. [4 definitions]
upgrade an upward slope or incline. [4 definitions]
upgradeable combined form of upgrade.
upheaval an act, instance, or condition of being raised or heaved upward, as a section of the earth's crust. [2 definitions]
upheave to lift or raise forcefully; heave upwards.
uphill on an upward slope, or in an upward direction. [5 definitions]
uphold to support or affirm, esp. in the face of a challenge. [2 definitions]
upholster to provide (furniture) with springs, padding, and a covering.