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upper case in printing, the tray containing the type for capital letters and special characters.
upper-class of, relating to, or belonging to a high social class. [2 definitions]
upper class the most prominent or richest group of people in a society.
upperclassman a member of the junior or senior class in a high school, college, or university.
upper crust (informal) the most prominent or richest group of people in a society; upper class.
uppercut a quick blow that is directed upward, usu. to an opponent's chin. [2 definitions]
upper hand a position of domination, control, or advantage.
upper house (often cap.) the smaller, less representative branch of a bicameral legislature, such as the U.S. Senate.
uppermost highest in place, rank, influence, or importance. [2 definitions]
Upper Volta see Burkina Faso.
uppity (informal) haughty and arrogant; snobbish.
upraise to elevate or lift up; raise up.
uprear to lift or raise. [2 definitions]
upright in a vertical position. [8 definitions]
upright piano a piano with the strings mounted vertically within a rectangular case.
uprise to stand up or get up; rise up. [6 definitions]
uprising the act or an instance of rebelling or rising up against authority; insurrection.
upriver in the direction of, or at a point closer to, the source of a river.
uproar a loud, confused disturbance; commotion; tumult. [2 definitions]
uproarious causing loud or uncontrollable laughter; hilarious. [2 definitions]
uproot to pull up or tear out of the ground by the roots. [2 definitions]