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upscale designating, relating to, or of people who are, or who are becoming, affluent. [2 definitions]
upset to tip over; overturn. [13 definitions]
upset the apple cart to spoil a plan or procedure; ruin something.
upsetting causing emotional or physical upset; disturbing; distressing.
upshot the most important issue, result, or conclusion.
upside the upper side or part; top. [3 definitions]
upside down with the part that is normally underneath on top; inverted. [2 definitions]
upside-down cake a cake baked with fruit at the bottom, then turned over for serving.
upsilon the name of the twentieth letter of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
upstage toward or in the rear part of the stage. [6 definitions]
upstairs on or toward an upper floor; up the stairs. [4 definitions]
upstanding standing erect or vertical. [2 definitions]
upstart one who has an exaggerated esteem of himself or herself. [4 definitions]
upstate the part of a state that is north or inland of the major city or port. [2 definitions]
upstream toward or near the origin of a stream or river; against the current. [3 definitions]
upstroke an upward stroke, as of a piston or pen.
upsurge to rise or increase, esp. greatly, rapidly, or violently; surge up. [2 definitions]
upsweep to sweep, curve, or slope upwards. [4 definitions]
upswept sloping or curving upward.
upswing an upward part of a movement, as of a pendulum or cycle. [3 definitions]
upsy-daisy used to comfort or distract a baby as one raises it.