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upstream toward or near the origin of a stream or river; against the current. [3 definitions]
upstroke an upward stroke, as of a piston or pen.
upsurge to rise or increase, esp. greatly, rapidly, or violently; surge up. [2 definitions]
upsweep to sweep, curve, or slope upwards. [4 definitions]
upswept sloping or curving upward.
upswing an upward part of a movement, as of a pendulum or cycle. [3 definitions]
upsy-daisy used to comfort or distract a baby as one raises it.
uptake a conduit or passage leading upward, such as a chimney or ventilation pipe. [2 definitions]
up the creek (informal) in trouble; in a difficult situation.
up the river (slang) in or to a prison.
upthrust a thrust in an upward direction.
uptight (informal) tense or nervous. [3 definitions]
up to as far upward as. [7 definitions]
up-to-date having the most recent information; current. [2 definitions]
up to date fully informed; knowing the most recent information (often fol. by "on," "as to," or "with regard to"). [3 definitions]
up to snuff (informal) up to a particular standard; in satisfactory or good shape.
up to something involved in something suspicious or secretive.
uptown toward or in the higher, wealthier, or more northern part of a city or town. [3 definitions]
upturn to turn over, up, or upward. [4 definitions]
upward toward or to a higher position or place. [5 definitions]
upward mobility movement to a higher status in society, or the ability to so move.