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v2 abbreviation of "velocity," rate of speed or motion.
v3 the twenty-second letter of the English alphabet. [3 definitions]
v4 an abbreviation of "versus," in opposition to; against.
V-1 a self-propelled bomb or rocket used by Germany against Great Britain in World War II.
V-2 a liquid-fuel rocket used as a missile by Germany against Great Britain toward the end of World War II.
VA1 abbreviation of "Virginia," a southern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between Maryland and North Carolina.
VA2 abbreviation of "Veterans Administration," a U.S. federal agency that administers the laws governing benefits for veterans of the armed forces.
vacancy vacant condition or quality; emptiness. [3 definitions]
vacant without contents or activity; unfilled; empty. [3 definitions]
vacate to make vacant or unoccupied by leaving. [2 definitions]
vacation a period of rest, leisure, recreation, or travel, esp. away from one's regular occupation. [3 definitions]
vacationer a person who is taking a vacation, esp. one traveling or enjoying leisure during a vacation.
vaccinate to inoculate with a vaccine to make immune to a particular disease.
vaccination the act or practice of inoculating persons or animals with modified, killed, or avirulent viruses or bacteria in order to protect against specific diseases.
vaccine a specimen of modified, killed, or avirulent viruses or bacteria, used to inoculate persons or animals in order to stimulate their immune systems to protect against virulent strains. [3 definitions]
vacillate to hesitate or waver in giving an opinion or making a decision; be indecisive. [2 definitions]
Václav Havel Czech author, playwright, and politician, who was the last President of Czechoslovakia and the first President of the Czech Republic (b.1936).
vacuity the state of being empty; emptiness. [4 definitions]
vacuole a membranous enclosure within a cell that contains substances isolated from the protoplasm, such as dissolved acids. [2 definitions]
vacuous lacking any content; empty. [2 definitions]
vacuum a space empty of all matter. [5 definitions]