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valise a small piece of hand luggage.
Valium trademark name for diazepam, a tranquilizing drug that relaxes the muscles and relieves anxiety and depression.
Valkyrie in Scandinavian mythology, any of the maidens who bring dead battle heroes to Valhalla and attend them there.
Valletta the seaport capital of Malta.
valley a long area of relatively low elevation, often having a stream bed at the bottom, surrounded by mountains or hills. [2 definitions]
valor boldness in facing danger; courage; bravery.
valorize to fix or maintain the price of (a commodity), esp. by a government, as by buying up a commodity at a fixed price or by making special loans to the producers.
valorous having or showing bravery; valiant; courageous.
Valsalva maneuver forced breathing out with the mouth and nose closed, so as to restore normal pressure in the ears.
valse (French) waltz.
valuable having great material or monetary worth; expensive. [3 definitions]
valuate to determine or set the value of; appraise.
valuation the act or process of estimating, determining, or setting the value of something; appraisal. [2 definitions]
value an amount, esp. of money, considered to be equivalent to, or suitable exchange for, a thing or service. [8 definitions]
value-added tax a sales tax paid on the value added to products and services at each stage of manufacturing and distribution.
valued highly esteemed. [2 definitions]
value judgment an estimate, usu. subjective, of the worth of a person, object, event, or the like, esp. when such an estimate is not called for.
valueless of no value; worthless; useless.
valvate having a valve, valves, or valvelike parts. [2 definitions]
valve any device for controlling the flow of a fluid or gas, esp. a movable part that can close or constrict a passageway, such as a stopcock. [5 definitions]
valveless combined form of valve.