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vanguard the leading or foremost position or part of a movement or force; forefront. [2 definitions]
vanilla any of several tropical orchids whose fruit contains a fragrant flavoring agent. [4 definitions]
vanilla bean the long, narrow seedpod of the orchid plant vanilla, used in making the food flavoring called vanilla.
vanillin a fragrant white crystalline compound obtained from the vanilla bean or prepared synthetically, used as a flavoring and in perfumes.
vanish to disappear quickly from sight. [4 definitions]
vanishing point in perspective, the point at which receding parallel lines appear to converge. [2 definitions]
vanity an excessive admiration of oneself, esp. one's appearance; conceit; vainness. [6 definitions]
vanity case a small traveling case, used by women, that is designed to carry cosmetics and toiletries.
vanity plate a car license plate with letters and numbers chosen by the owner rather than assigned by the state.
vanity press a publisher that publishes books for which the author pays the costs; vanity publisher.
vanquish to subdue or defeat by or as if by greater force; conquer; overcome.
vanquishable combined form of vanquish.
vantage a condition or position that offers superiority; advantageous position. [2 definitions]
Vanuatu an island country in the southwestern Pacific east of Australia; New Hebrides.
vanward moving, directed toward, or in the van or front.
vapid lacking spirit, life, or flavor; dull; uninteresting.
vapor tiny particles of a liquid or solid suspended in or diffused through air or gas, such as smoke or mist. [7 definitions]
vaporing boastful; bombastic; high-flown. [4 definitions]
vaporize to cause to become or diffuse as a vapor or gas; atomize; evaporate. [2 definitions]
vapor lock a partial or complete interruption of the flow of liquid fuel in an internal combustion engine that is caused by the formation of bubbles of vapor or air in the fuel line.
vaporous diffused as small particles in air, as smoke or mist. [5 definitions]