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velveteen a cotton fabric that resembles velvet.
Velvet Revolution the Czechoslovakian revolution (1989), in which a country-wide peace protest and work strike moved the Communist government to relinquish power, resulting in the establishment of two separate, self-governing republics (1993).
vena cava either of two large veins that carry blood to the right atrium of the heart.
venal capable of acting dishonestly or wrongly in return for money or the like; open to accepting bribes; corrupt. [3 definitions]
venation a system of veins or its arrangement.
vend to sell or offer for sale, either in person or through vending machines. [3 definitions]
vendable combined form of vend.
vendee in law, the person to whom something is sold; buyer.
vendetta a feud between two families, involving murder and revenge; blood feud. [2 definitions]
vendible capable of being sold; salable. [2 definitions]
vending machine a coin-operated machine that dispenses various small articles such as candy bars, cigarettes, or soft drinks.
vendor one who sells or vends, esp. a peddler. [2 definitions]
veneer a very thin layer of fine wood or the like that is bonded to a cheaper material to form a more attractive surface. [6 definitions]
veneering the act or process of applying a veneer. [2 definitions]
venerable deserving honor, respect, or reverence because of advanced age, noble character, or dignified position. [2 definitions]
venerate to treat or regard with great respect, honor, or reverence.
veneration the act of venerating or state of being venerated. [3 definitions]
venereal of, relating to, or being a disease that is transmitted by sexual intercourse. [2 definitions]
Venetian of or concerning Venice or its people. [2 definitions]
Venetian blind (sometimes l.c.) a window blind consisting of thin horizontal slats that can be tilted to control the amount of air or light admitted, and raised or lowered as a unit with a cord.
Venezuela a country in northern South America on the Atlantic between Colombia and Guyana.