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vending machine a coin-operated machine that dispenses various small articles such as candy bars, cigarettes, or soft drinks.
vendor one who sells or vends, esp. a peddler. [2 definitions]
veneer a very thin layer of fine wood or the like that is bonded to a cheaper material to form a more attractive surface. [6 definitions]
veneering the act or process of applying a veneer. [2 definitions]
venerable deserving honor, respect, or reverence because of advanced age, noble character, or dignified position. [2 definitions]
venerate to treat or regard with great respect, honor, or reverence.
veneration the act of venerating or state of being venerated. [3 definitions]
venereal of, relating to, or being a disease that is transmitted by sexual intercourse. [2 definitions]
Venetian of or concerning Venice or its people. [2 definitions]
Venetian blind (sometimes l.c.) a window blind consisting of thin horizontal slats that can be tilted to control the amount of air or light admitted, and raised or lowered as a unit with a cord.
Venezuela a country in northern South America on the Atlantic between Colombia and Guyana.
vengeance injury or damage done to a person in return for injury or damage inflicted by him or her; retribution; revenge. [2 definitions]
vengeful feeling or showing a strong desire for vengeance or revenge; vindictive.
venial able to be excused, pardoned, or forgiven, as a minor error, offense, or sin. (Cf. mortal.)
Venice a seaport in northeastern Italy, that is built on many small islands, formerly the seat of a powerful maritime city-state.
venin any of the various poisonous constituents of animal venoms.
venire see "venire facias." [2 definitions]
venire facias a writ issued by a judge that directs an official to summon qualified citizens to serve on a jury. [2 definitions]
venireman someone summoned under a venire facias to appear in court as a prospective juror.
venison the flesh of a deer, used as food.
veni, vidi, vici (Latin) I came, I saw, I conquered (said by Julius Caesar after a victory).