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vetiver a tropical Asian grass, cultivated for its root. [2 definitions]
veto the right or power of one official authority or body, esp. the chief executive, to reject or cancel something enacted by another, such as a law or budget authorization approved by a legislature. [5 definitions]
vex to annoy or irritate. [2 definitions]
vexation the act of annoying. [3 definitions]
vexatious causing annoyance or trouble. [2 definitions]
vexing causing vexation; irritating; perplexing.
VFW abbreviation of "Veterans of Foreign Wars."
VHF abbreviation of "very high frequency," any radio frequency ranging between thirty and three hundred megahertz.
VHS abbreviation of "video home system."
VI abbreviation of "Virgin Islands," a group of islands in the West Indies east of Puerto Rico, comprising a territory of the United States and a colony of Great Britain.
via traveling through; by way of. [2 definitions]
viable capable of germinating, growing, or developing, as a living organism or social organization. [3 definitions]
viaduct a road or passageway built on a series of short spans or arches over a valley or lower routes.
vial a small, sometimes stoppered bottle of glass or plastic used for small amounts of liquid medicine, chemicals, perfume, or the like.
via media (Latin) a middle way; compromise between two extremes.
viand an article of food, esp. a delicacy. [2 definitions]
viaticum communion given to someone on the brink of death. [2 definitions]
vibe (often pl.; slang) an emotional quality believed to be detectable in a person or thing by intuition; vibration.
vibes (informal) vibraphone; vibraharp.
vibist a musician who plays the vibraphone.
vibraharp see "vibraphone."