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vicissitude (usu. pl.) unexpected and unforeseeable changes or shifts, as in one's circumstances. [3 definitions]
victim someone who is harmed physically or emotionally by a person or group of people, or by circumstance. [3 definitions]
victimize to make a victim of. [2 definitions]
victimless lacking any victim or injured party, as certain crimes.
victimless crime a crime, such as gambling, that involves no obvious victim.
victor one who wins a contest, battle, argument, or the like, esp. one who defeats an enemy in armed struggle; winner.
Victoria the seaport capital of Hong Kong. [4 definitions]
victoria a low, light carriage with four wheels, a collapsible top that covers a seat for two passengers, and a raised seat in front for the driver.
Victoria Cross the highest military decoration in the British Commonwealth, awarded for conspicuous valor.
Victoria Day a national holiday in Canada celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday and falling on the first Monday preceding May 25.
Victorian of, concerning, or during the reign of Queen Victoria. [4 definitions]
victorious having gained a victory; triumphant; successful. [2 definitions]
victory success in a struggle against an enemy, opponent, or obstacle. [2 definitions]
victual (pl.) food or food supplies, esp. for humans. [3 definitions]
vicuņa a wild cloven-hoofed, cud-chewing mammal of South America that is related to the llama but is smaller and has a silky fleece. [2 definitions]
vide (Latin) see; refer to (used as a directive to another specified part of a text).
videlicet (Latin) that is; namely; to wit (usu. abbreviated as viz.).
video television, esp. the visual images as distinguished from the sound. [3 definitions]
videocassette a cassette for or containing a videotape.
videocassette recorder a device for recording on and replaying videocassettes; video recorder or VCR.
video chat a conversation between people via an electronic means that allows both speaking with and viewing the other person or persons. [2 definitions]