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victoria a low, light carriage with four wheels, a collapsible top that covers a seat for two passengers, and a raised seat in front for the driver.
Victoria Cross the highest military decoration in the British Commonwealth, awarded for conspicuous valor.
Victoria Day a national holiday in Canada celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday and falling on the first Monday preceding May 25.
Victorian of, concerning, or during the reign of Queen Victoria. [4 definitions]
victorious having gained a victory; triumphant; successful. [2 definitions]
victory success in a struggle against an enemy, opponent, or obstacle. [2 definitions]
victual (pl.) food or food supplies, esp. for humans. [3 definitions]
vicuņa a wild cloven-hoofed, cud-chewing mammal of South America that is related to the llama but is smaller and has a silky fleece. [2 definitions]
vide (Latin) see; refer to (used as a directive to another specified part of a text).
videlicet (Latin) that is; namely; to wit (usu. abbreviated as viz.).
video television, esp. the visual images as distinguished from the sound. [3 definitions]
videocassette a cassette for or containing a videotape.
videocassette recorder a device for recording on and replaying videocassettes; video recorder or VCR.
video chat a conversation between people via an electronic means that allows both speaking with and viewing the other person or persons. [2 definitions]
videoconference an organized meeting in which participants in different locations communicate by transmitted audio and visual signals.
videoconferencing the process of holding an organized meeting via transmitted audio and visual signals.
videodisc a disc on which sounds and moving images can be recorded for later playback on a television set.
video game any of various electronic or computerized games in which players manipulate images on a television or other electronic screen.
videotape a magnetic tape on which moving images can be recorded, usu. accompanied by sound, for later broadcast or playback on television. [3 definitions]
videotex any electronic system for the distribution of data for display on video screens, often allowing for interaction by users via telephone or television; videotext.
vidicon a small, highly sensitive television camera tube that forms an image on a photoconductive surface that is then scanned with an electron beam.