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vigorous characterized by vigor. [2 definitions]
vigour a spelling of "vigor" used in Canada and Britain. See "vigor" for more information.
Viking (sometimes l.c.) any of the Scandinavian sea warriors and traders who were active from around A.D. 700 to 1100. The Vikings raided the coasts of Europe and settled parts of Britain, western Europe, Russia, and elsewhere. [2 definitions]
Vila the capital of Vanuatu.
vile extremely bad, disgusting, or unpleasant. [4 definitions]
vilify to speak ill of; denounce; defame.
villa a country house or estate, esp. a large and luxurious one.
village a small town or community, usu. in a rural area. [2 definitions]
villager one who lives in a village.
villain a vile or evil person; scoundrel. [4 definitions]
villainous of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a villain; wicked or malicious. [2 definitions]
villainy the behavior or attitudes of a villain; wickedness, cruelty, or malice. [2 definitions]
-ville city, town, or village.
villein in the feudal system, one who was a serf to his lord but had the rights and legal status of a freeman otherwise.
villus any hairlike process on certain mucous membranes of the body that absorb nutrients, secrete mucus, or exchange materials, as in the small intestine or the mammalian placenta. [2 definitions]
Vilnius the capital of Lithuania.
vim liveliness and enthusiasm; vitality; energy.
vin (French) wine.
vinaceous of, relating to, or resembling wine or grapes. [2 definitions]
vinaigrette a small bottle or box with a perforated lid for holding smelling salts or the like. [3 definitions]
vinaigrette sauce a cold, savory sauce or dressing made from vinegar or lemon juice, oil, and seasonings such as mustard or herbs, and used esp. on salads; vinaigrette dressing.