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visual aids instructional materials, such as films, slides, and models, that involve chiefly the sense of sight and are used in teaching, lecturing, or the like.
visual binary a binary star composed of two parts that can be seen through an ordinary telescope, or, though rarely, by the naked eye.
visualize to create a mental picture or image. [2 definitions]
visually in a manner pertaining to sight or visual images. [2 definitions]
vita a brief summary of one's career and accomplishments. (See curriculum vitae.)
vital pertaining to or characteristic of life. [5 definitions]
vitalism the doctrine that a vital force radically different from all physical and chemical phenomena causes and sustains life.
vitality exuberance; energy; vigor. [2 definitions]
vitalize to make vital; to bestow life on. [2 definitions]
vital signs the signs that indicate the health of the body such as pulse, temperature, and rate of respiration.
vital statistics statistics or data having to do with births, deaths, marriages, and other crucial events in human life.
vitamin any of a number of natural or synthetic substances required in human nutrition to regulate metabolism and maintain health.
vitamin A either of two, or a mixture of two, hydrocarbon compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, required in human nutrition for producing the vision pigments of the eye and for maintaining the membranes of the body.
vitamin B see "vitamin B complex." [2 definitions]
vitamin b1 thiamine.
vitamin b12 a compound found in meat, milk, eggs, and other animal products, required in human nutrition for producing red blood cells and maintaining nerves and muscles; cobalamin.
vitamin B2 riboflavin.
vitamin b3 niacin.
vitamin b6 a compound found in meats, green vegetables, and whole grains, required in human nutrition for metabolism; pyridoxine.
vitamin B complex a group of vitamins essential in human nutrition, found mainly in eggs, liver, yeast, and certain vegetables.
vitamin C ascorbic acid.