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WAC abbreviation of "Women's Army Corps."
wacky (slang) odd, eccentric, or crazy.
wad a small mass or ball. [7 definitions]
wadable combined form of wade.
wadding any material used for stuffing or padding. [2 definitions]
waddle to walk using short steps while rocking from side to side. [4 definitions]
wade to walk in water or another substance that partially envelops one's legs, thereby hindering movement. [5 definitions]
wadeable combined form of wade.
wade in to begin energetically. [2 definitions]
wade into to begin energetically. [2 definitions]
wader someone or something that wades. [3 definitions]
wadi in North Africa and the Middle East, a watercourse, riverbed, or valley that remains dry except when it rains. [2 definitions]
wading bird any of several long-legged birds, such as storks and herons, that wade in shallow water, in search of food; wader.
wading pool a shallow pool of water, esp. a small, plastic, portable unit made for children to play in.
Waf a member of the Women in the Air Force, a branch of the U.S. Air Force (acronym for "Women in the Air Force").
WAF acronym of "Women in the Air Force."
wafer a small thin crisp cracker or cookie. [6 definitions]
waffle1 a flat batter cake cooked in a hinged iron that leaves a gridlike pattern on the cake. [2 definitions]
waffle2 to speak or write vaguely, indecisively, or evasively. [2 definitions]
waffle iron a cooking appliance consisting of two hinged plates that close on the batter, leaving an indented grid pattern on the waffle.
waft to carry or cause to go gently on water or through the air. [6 definitions]