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walkway a path or passage designed for use by pedestrians.
wall an upright structure with a height much greater than its thickness, used for separation, protection, or enclosure. [8 definitions]
wallaby any of various marsupials native to Australia and strongly resembling small or medium-sized kangaroos.
wallaroo any of several large kangaroos of Australia, esp. a reddish gray one inhabiting rocky hills.
wallboard a building material manufactured in large thin slabs used mainly for constructing interior walls and ceilings.
wallet a small flat pocketbook, usu. of leather, with compartments for paper money, credit cards, personal documents, and the like; billfold.
walleye a fairly large freshwater food and game fish of North America resembling the pike and having large staring eyes. [2 definitions]
walleyed having an eye with a whitish cornea. [4 definitions]
walleyed pike see walleye.
wallflower a European plant that grows well in vertical surfaces such as walls, bearing clusters of sweet-scented yellow, orange, or brown cross-shaped flowers. [3 definitions]
Walloon a member of a people of Celtic descent now inhabiting southern and southeastern Belgium and adjacent areas of France. [3 definitions]
wallop (informal) to strike with a forceful blow. [5 definitions]
walloping (informal) a sound beating or defeat; thrashing. [2 definitions]
wallow to roll the body about lazily in mud, sand, water, or the like, esp. for comfort or pleasure. [6 definitions]
wallpaper a decorative wallcovering made of paper printed with colors or colored patterns. [3 definitions]
Wall Street a lower Manhattan street in New York City that is the chief financial center of the United States. [2 definitions]
wall-to-wall covering all of a room's floor, as a carpet. [4 definitions]
walnut any of various trees related to the hickory, bearing edible nuts, and used as shade trees and as a source of high-quality wood. [4 definitions]
Walpurgis Night the eve of May Day, during which, according to German folklore, witches gathered for a sabbath before the feast of St. Walpurgis on May 1.
walrus either of two large marine mammals related to the seals, inhabiting arctic seas and having two large tusks, flippers, considerable blubber, and tough thick hide.
Walt Disney U.S. cartoonist and motion-picture animator, director, and producer (b.1901--d.1966).